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Saturday, May 28, 2011


Let me say it flat out:  I LOVE hummingbirds!   I love having them buzz my head on their way to the feeder, I love that they're tough, and I even admire their territorial tendencies. 

I am awed when they fight, zipping around like fighter pilots out of a science fiction movie.  Only no real fighter pilot ever had that speed and agility.  They are amazing.

We had been without a feeder for more than a year, our neighbor with all the hibiscus was getting all the hummer action.  Finally, I found a good feeder that we could afford, and away we go.  They were sipping on this feeder within a few hours of it going up.

I feel blessed to have hummingbirds in my yard.


  1. I LOVE hummingbirds too! LOVE them! Great pictures!

  2. It was fun to see the hummingbirds in action when we visited you. Our first hummingbirds ever, right in your backyard!


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