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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beautiful Flower -- or Weed?

Even on a plant that we consider a weed, God put so much care and detail into the flower, it's amazing.

I got a new camera today (mine won't turn back on anymore), and my daughter took this picture using the close up function.

We had never noticed the curls on the end of the petals until we looked at this picture.

God has made each of us with special little details that often are not noticed without the aid of some magnification and/or the desire to take some time to really look.

Who needs you to see them today as the wonderful creation God meant him or her to be?


  1. Awesome pic and analogy!!
    I'm sorry about your other camera, but glad you have a new one to use. Your photos are great. Thanks for this post! :)

  2. Beautiful.
    And some other fun facts about dandelions:
    Young dandelion leaves are edible, containing significant levels of vitamin A, vitamin C, several B vitamins, and many minerals.
    Dandelions are used by medical herbalists as a powerful diuretic and contain many beneficial phytochemicals, such as inulin, which feeds beneficial bacteria in the gut and is proven to protect against certain cancers.

    God has a purpose for all of us, huh?
    Loved pondering on this this morning. Thanks for the post.

  3. Dandelion wine, anyone? LOL!


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