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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Garden

I promised pictures of my friend's garden ...  It's all about saving space (as in Square Foot Gardening) and the soil, as in worms are one of her secrets.

Overall view of most of the garden. 

Beets ready to harvest.

Yum, fresh beets.

For the past several years, my friend has had critters that came in and dug up her beds, pulled out plants, overturned bricks and generally caused havoc in the garden looking for grubs.  The culprit:  raccoons.  But not this year ...

This netting finally worked to keep the critters out.

Itty bitty squash on the vine.

Blueberries in the flower bed.  Notice they also have the netting. 

Asparagus that has ferned.  Fresh, raw aparagus out of the garden is wonderful!

I hope you enjoyed this little sample of the garden.

And when you read this, please pray for her family, a dear member went to be with the Lord yesterday.  We grieve, but we have hope.

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  1. Beautiful Tanya! Keep posting your photos!

    So sorry about your friend.


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