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Monday, April 25, 2011

Maya, our Dachshund

Maya is our little dachshund.  We got her from a former church member who moved and couldn't keep her any more.  We had no idea that dachshunds were such cuddlers and lap dogs.

Another funny thing she does is burrow under blankets.  She has one designated blanket on a chair, and when she wants to sleep, she gets under it.  Sometimes I've even seen her sort of "toss" the blanket a bit so that she's covered.

One of her favorite things to do is lie in the sun.  I'm told that many dachshunds love the sun.

She gave us a bit of a scare Sunday night.  She was wandering around the house after we'd all gone to bed, which was not normal behavior.  And she didn't want to go out.

I picked her up and she was shaking.  Long story short, I ended up praying for her and sleeping in the rocker with her on my lap, covered in the blanket, until I had to get up at 5. 

She was still a bit lethargic in the morning, but as the day wore on, she was back to her usual energetic self. 

We are grateful for her swift recovery.

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  1. So glad she seems to be feeling better. Wonder if she sensed in the air a storm brewing or something? I didn't know that dachshunds were such cuddlers or burrowers.


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