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Monday, April 18, 2011

Cell Phone Camera Insecurity

A weird thing happened to me this morning on the freeway.

I was on a transition road, and a car was following pretty closely behind me.  The brake lights were suddenly lit on the cars in front of me.  Naturally, I braked.  Nothing spectacular, just normal LA freeway traffic.

Then the car that was following too closely (and I don't judge him for that, it's easy to do here) pulled to the right of me to pass, and as I glanced over, he was holding his cell phone up like he was taking a picture or video of my vehicle.

I felt a little uneasy, wondering why.  Who knows?  Maybe he was just admiring my broken bumper on the right side, or the Betty Boop sticker that hasn't yet been removed ...

Regardless, it left me unsettled.  Cell phone cameras are ubiquitous, and although a very good thing in most cases, they can probably be used for nefarious purposes, too.  Most of the time, I try not entertain conspiracy thoughts, I read them enough in fiction to satisfy anyone, but it's still nagging at me.


  1. That would definitely bug me. I'd be wondering about it for awhile afterward. I do like the shot above though, perhaps we shouldn't blame the guy for finding that image hard to resist?

  2. He probably just thought you were hot!


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