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Friday, April 15, 2011


Apple blossoms from earlier this "spring".  They smell wonderful, too.

Taken this morning:  fruit is set, and even a few with some color.

To keep this in perspective, they are still walnut sized, just perfect little apples.  (and if you know what disease is attacking the leaves, let me know.  I'll be taking a sample to the nursery soon.)

Here in California, apples blossom in the late winter.  The fruits were set pretty much mid-March, and we will start harvesting in June.  They are mostly gone mid-July, although there are still a few into August.

I think it's really cool that they start out being perfectly shaped apples, they just need to mature into their full potential: an illustration of all life.


  1. Gorgeous pics. I remember having an apple tree in our yard growing up. Do you know what kind of apples they are?

  2. Not really, I thought it might be an Anna.

    You prompted me to do some research, and there are several apples that will produce here, more than previously thought. However, it's probably one that was recommended several years ago as it looks like the tree is at least 20 years old ...

    Just not sure, though.

  3. you have NO idea how much I wish we had apple blossoms here!!! Beautiful :)

  4. That's interesting... in Northern California, peak picking time is Autumn. They begin selling apples at the Farmer's Market in September/October... if you haven't gone to U-pick orchards yourself by November, you cannot pick your own.
    But... as I read your post, I realized my neighbor's apple tree is blossoming right now. (Perhaps it's ornamental, though.)
    Is summer the peak time for orchards in SoCal, as well?

  5. Ya know, gotholds, I just don't know, but I'm thinking perhaps so. :)


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