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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blessing and Blunder

Note to Self:  Don't put purse in sink with automatic faucets.

If you saw my FaceBook page last night, you saw that comment.  I followed it with "Cell phone and camera in rice praying for revival."

As I was waiting for my lunch, a man said to me, "Your purse is dripping."  I just thought it was because I'd used the the sink as a shelf and water got on the outside.  A few moments later, I realized I was leaving a trail ... I looked in my purse, and there was about an inch of water in it!  My cell and camera were soaked.  Neither worked.

Naturally, I was bummed.  I had taken my nephew back to Morro Bay, and was looking forward to a relaxed trip home, perhaps stopping here and there to take pictures  (I have some ideas for future blog posts).  But without a cell phone to let my family know I was OK if I got too side-tracked, I had to head for home without further ado. 

I stopped at Coffee Bean in Arroyo Grande, and the people there were so nice.  A guy heading out to wash windows opened the door for me as I was leaving the store, the "proper" way.

Out of my mouth popped, "I'd forgotten how nice people are up here."

That led to a conversation about me being on my way back to LA.  It was a nice, real conversation with a stranger, mostly about the Coffee Bean's tours of their offices in Camarillo.  But it was just nice, and totally cheered me up.

I was further cheered this evening when the camera worked.  This is the only picture I managed to take yesterday, but I'm so glad it's there.  Such a reminder of God's love and provision.

(I think my cell phone is going to be OK, too.  It turned on this evening, but the screen is still showing signs of wetness behind it.  Back into the rice it went.)

CORRECTION:  The Coffee Bean is actually located in Pismo Beach, according to the receipt.  It's the one in the outlet center just off the 101.  :)


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