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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sweet Pod Peas

I planted a winter garden last fall, and we are now enjoying the fruits of our labors.

One of the things we knew we wanted was sweet pod peas.  You know, the peas that you eat the pod and all.  Some call them snow peas.  They're often used in stir fries.   Very rarely do ours make it as far as the kitchen, except for washing them.   We usually eat them raw, right out of the garden.

We get about this many every few days.

So, late last fall, I planted a bunch of things:  lettuce and lettuce mixes, cilantro and dill, carrots, beets and parsnips, mustard and other greens, and the sweet pod peas.

Cute little seedlings

Now, they're full grown and producing peas.

Just about ready to be picked.

Another view of this bed.

Another bed of peas.  It isn't producing as much ... I think because it isn't getting quite as much sun.

But the flowers are still beautiful.  And I adore sweet peas, with the same lovely flowers, only in color!!

I planted sweet peas at the same time, and they're only a few inches tall.

That's my finger so  you can see how small the sweet peas are still.

Tonight, quite by accident, we discovered that if you leave the pods on the plant just a bit longer, so that the peas are more defined inside, they're actually sweeter, if you can imagine. 

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