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Friday, January 27, 2012


The camellias are in bloom here.  YAY!

Actually, the one I love the best has been blooming since Christmas. 

It's a prolific bloomer with the prettiest blossoms, in my humble opinion.

 I also love this white camellia.

Camellias like a lot of water.  This has been the best year for blossoms for these two bushes, probably because I've watered them a lot more.

The next two pictures are from the same plant, I have no idea why the one has those pretty white stripes.

We also have two more trees in the front yard, but only one of them is blooming right now.

All those dead camellia blossoms are also good for throwing.  Here in LA we may not get much snow for snow ball fights, but we can have camellia fights.  Just sayin' ... LOL!

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