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Monday, January 16, 2012

Clean Up

January is often a time for New Year's resolutions, cleaning and purging, and weeding. 

Debris and weeds

Yes, weeding, especially in the Southern California garden.  One must get on top of those pesky weeds right away, or there will be LOTS to weed come April when you are ready to entertain and really want the garden to shine. 

Winter is our rainy season, we have mild temperatures, the days are once again lengthening, and the combination creates weed heaven.   So, this year, I'm jumping on the weeds sooner than ever before.  I figure if I get just one small bed taken care of every few days, it won't be overwhelming as in the past.

Another motivation for me is that I found some flower seeds that will grow in partial shade, which describes much of our yard.  It's cooler, but I have to work hard for color, and I love cut flowers.  So, I'm even more motivated to keep the beds clear of weeds, and I've already planted some flower seeds. 

It's not always easy, this weeding business.  Sometimes it's back breaking, and it can even be dangerous.  Today I weeded an area where I know a black widow spider was seen a few weeks ago.  I wore leather gloves, although I usually weed bare-handed.  And then there's the disposal of all the weeds.  We have a compost pile way back there behind the lemon tree you can barely see in the picture.

Although I don't make New Year's resolutions per se, I do reflect on new beginnings and evaluating the year past.  Weeding is a metaphor for taking care of our lives, too.  What am I doing that I don't need to be doing. 

But even more, can I make room for some new flowers?

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  1. I hear ya! When I lived in Texas, October was my month to get out and start cleaning things up. I feel so lost now when October rolls around b/c that pattern is so ingrained in me and hard to squelch.


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