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Thursday, August 4, 2011

O, Ye of Little Faith

My pole beans weren't producing, at least I thought they weren't.  We looked for beans,  I saw a few blossoms, and a few baby beans -- a couple of which fell off when we touched them.  So we were afraid to touch them.  Honestly, I thought they probably weren't getting enough light, or something else was wrong.

Today, I went out to water, and the tops of the beans were totally entwined in the top of the fence, threading their way in and out of the yard.  As I tugged a bit, I found beans!  Whoot!  And more beans.  Finally, I had to put them in my pocket, I was finding so many.

But I had to look for them. 

Not bad for a first picking.  And I'm so grateful, the bush beans are fading fast.

Kind of like life: God promises things, they're not obvious, we have to search for them, and lo, and behold, He produces in abundance.

Our tomatoes are the same way.  I picked this basket-full yesterday.

And the bushes, although not very pretty, are full of red or almost red fruit.

Our Father lavishes abundant love on us.

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