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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Night Blooming Cactus

NIght time blooms

We were enchanted last year we noticed this cactus blooming in our back yard.  Everyone went out to try and see it and smell it, and take pictures, of course.  This is the best night time picture we have.  The cool thing is that the flowers are so open in this photo.

The following photos were taken in the early evening.

The flowers are not as open, but very beautiful.

One day, I saw a honey bee literally wallowing in one of these blossoms -- loading up for her last flight of the day, I suppose.

When the blooms are spent, they fall off the plant, leaving these funky round things with "strings" hanging out of them

And what looks the dessicated remains of lizards on the ground below.

We all climbed the ladder to smell them last summer, and the best description of their scent was "raw peeled potatoes." 

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