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Monday, June 6, 2011

The Rest of the Pets

When I was looking for pictures for Maya for yesterday's post, I realized just how many photos of each our pets we have.  Most of them were taken by our daughter, Cha.

So, being who I am, I organized them.  I made folders and moved pictures around, and even deleted some (gasp!) that were so blurry that even I wasn't sure what they were.  Now each pet has his or her own folder, and there are even folders for each pet combination, ie.: Both Cats. 

Fred has by far the most pictures.  He's very beloved by Cha, and is very patient with her and lets her put ribbons on him.

Surveying his kingdom ?

The other cat is Barney.  And no, we didn't name them.  They came to us with those names.  He sleeps on our bed every night.

I think he's a beautiful cat.

Betsy is our cocker spaniel, with a bit of poodle thrown in, we believe.  She's the Alpha dog these days.

I love to watch her run.

And although he's gone to his reward where he can run forever, I want to include Baby.  I still miss him.

Love his up-turned ear!

So right now, we have the four at home:  Maya, Betsy, Fred and Barney.  All our pets came to us as rescue animals, and we really aren't looking for another, but I'd dearly love a golden retriever some day.

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