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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cilantro, Part 2

Remember this post from a couple months ago in which I showed how to plant Cilantro in egg cartons?

It's great to see that 6 of the 8 planted are doing well.

Two of the little guys are thriving under the sorrel.

I did cut off the sorrel leaves that were directly blocking the cilantro.  But since cilantro likes cooler weather, I'm hoping that growing them under other plants (like tomatoes) this year will keep them from going to seed so soon.

This one, which I planted last fall, still hasn't bolted.  I'm learning that many of the tender-leaved herbs like it a bit cooler, with dappled or less full sunlight. 

HUGE Cilantro

The dill and basil are also very happy in this environment.


  1. Looks great! That's an interesting idea growing them under veggie plants. I'll have to give that some thought -- what herbs might do well under my tomatoes in WI... hmmm..... Oh, by the way, I found a link-up you might want to participate in. I may link up myself once I'm actually growing something! --

  2. Thanks, Ramona, for the link.


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