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Sunday, March 18, 2012


I had not noticed until this spring the delicacy of some azaleas.  Many of them are bold and bright ...

A friend commented on how the ones at our house seem to glow in the shaded front yard.

And I love the bright pink color.  But I was also enchanted by this much smaller plant (it's to the left of the bright pink azalea) and its delicate flowers.

And just for fun, while I was practicing these close ups with the flowers, I took one of this cute little guy.


  1. those light pink ones are beautiful!!! Absolutely gorgeous! Oh, and love the pig! LOL

  2. I love azaleas! Right now, I'm taking in the beauty of hibiscus flowers in full bloom. :) I love the way you pay attention to the beauty around you....few capture these things.


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